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"It was a complete honor and privilege to attend an overnight mini retreat with Jolene Keller. I have been working on a 100 lb journey. This journey is about supporting myself in a way that allows me to lose all the extra weight and baggage of life. 


Jolene immediately made me feel welcomed, supported and honored to have this experience with her before I ever set foot in PA. It was very clear to me that she was doing everything possible to give me the most amazing experience. 


As I arrived in PA excitement filled the air and I have never felt so at ease and accepted for exactly who I was and where I was on my journey. She had thought of EVERYTHING!!! Even the casual conversation on the drives left me feeling completely cared for and like I absolutely mattered. She created space for me to talk out my own baggage and coached me through processing exactly where I was. 


Jolene does a meticulous job of planning every detail and I truly felt like the guest of honor who had the red carpet rolled out for me. The ice hike was a once in a lifetime experience with epic views and spots to stop along the way and take it all in. Taking it all in was life-changing for me and left me feeling capable, confident, and on top of the world. With each dangerous step passing, descending, and climbing back out of the ice-covered paths while taking in the beauty of mother earth left me feeling and seeing the beauty inside me. It was physically and mentally challenging while also being the most supportive and caring environment possible. 


I walked away from this experience feeling like a brand new person, energized, motivated, and encouraged to be exactly who I am called to be. I also left realizing that my journey is just that MY journey and there is no comparison with others. I am all that I need to be and I have everything I need for this journey inside of me. 


Jolene has a true magic and gift for connecting with humans and then connecting them back to who they are meant to be through nature. I have never had anything like this before and I absolutely cannot wait till the next one. 


Everyone needs Jolene's magic and medicine and when you experience it your life will never be the same!!! 


Thank you for this opportunity. "

-Amanda J

Career and Organizational Coach

“Prior to starting sessions with Jolene, I was struggling tremendously with anxiety and feeling lost. Being in the height of a pandemic these feelings were brushed off by providers with prescription medications. However, once I sat down with Jolene for mindfulness sessions these feelings of anxiety were significantly decreased without those prescriptions.  What I love most about Jolene is her sense of calm. I have started sessions in a complete ball of anxiety and Jolene has the superpower of being able to calm me down and become mindful. The benefits I have gained from these sessions with Jolene are TREMENDOUS.  If you are struggling with feeling lost, with having anxiety, with feeling like you need a little bit more from life, then Jolene is your girl!!" I PROMISE you will not regret any sessions with her.”

-Rita C. 


“Working with you was instrumental in helping me figure out what I want from life, breaking big goals down into a series of small concrete achievable goals to help get me where I want to go, and in learning self-calming practices and self-encouragement strategies that can be used as tools to help me get unstuck from negative thought patterns.”

“I had open heart surgery in June 2020 and attended cardiac rehab 30 sessions. I was weak after surgery and had lost a lot of strength in my arms and legs. Coaching helped me to be motivated to eat healthier, exercise regularly, learn relaxation exercises so I could lead a healthier life with no major health issues again. 

Jolene was a caring, compassionate coach. Very calm and understanding. She helped me every session with suggestions for relaxation, healthier diet and motivation. Jolene gave me the tools to do these things, finding sites I could check out. I realize I need to have a healthy diet, exercise and do relaxation exercises in order to continue to be healthy.”

-Joyce G. 

Retired Nurse













"I started working with Jolene in early January of 2022. I would turn 70 in July and wanted to prepare for this milestone birthday. Initially my goal was to lose 20 pounds. As I started working with Jolene, I found that there were actually 4 areas in which I wanted to improve. These 4 areas were: lose 20 pounds, improve overall health (blood pressure, blood sugar, lipid panel), increase self esteem and sense of purpose and lastly to restore my spirituality. 

Through weekly meetings with Jolene she helped me to identify ways to accomplish these goals. Along the way she would challenge me with activities that would help me to meet my goals. 

With Jolene's guidance and encouragement I have begun Intermittent Fasting for weight loss and overall health. I have begun to journal to improve my mental health and stress level. I have continued daily devotions and added meditation to my daily routine. 

At the end of our working relationship (3 1/2 months), I have lost 12.2 pounds. I have lowered my blood pressure to a level that my medication was cut in half. I have taken a part time job that increases my sense of purpose and socialization. 

My plan is to continue on this path by using the tools which Jolene has helped me identify. I'm eager to see what I"m able to accomplish by the time I reach 70 and beyond! Thanks Jolene!"

-Connie K. 

Retired Nurse

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