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Welcome!  I’m Jolene-

Board Certified Nurse Coach

and Nature Junkie

I’ve been a nurse for over 27 years and I absolutely love making a difference in my patient’s  lives. From a young age I knew I wanted to help others. Now in my role as a Health and Wellness Coach, I work 1:1 with clients that want to focus on their health and wellness.

I am a nature junkie at heart and believe that wellness is inspired by nature on all levels. Nature teaches us to slow down and disconnect from the busyness of this hectic world. It is also a place that we can find clarity and challenge ourselves.

Check out The Healing Power of Nature (page 3)

I remember being outside all the time as a kid and my mom having to yell out the window for me to come in for dinner. I've always loved hiking and exploring new places. I'm drawn to the ocean and how I feel when I'm there. I specifically remember being on vacation at the beach during a morning walk and noticing a shift in my being. That is when I started thinking how powerful nature was. How could I bottle this up and take it back with me to my everyday life?


COVID was honestly a blessing and helped me realize how much nature is necessary for my clarity and stress management. My mind is so much clearer when I'm outside in nature. Reconnecting with nature is like resetting your brain. It became my go to place during that time and I wanted to bring this to others.


In my coaching practice I found that my clients were stressed, overwhelmed and putting everyone else first. Taking clients on walks for coaching sessions became a powerful way to serve them. I formed a local nature group Women Empowered by Nature so that women could slow down in nature and connect with themselves while supporting and empowering each other. This came at a perfect time with COVID since people were isolated- outdoors was a "safe place" to connect again. 

This world is complicated enough! Are you overwhelmed with where to start to be the healthiest version of you?  I offer a simple holistic approach to looking at your overall health. We will work together to determine the best plan for you. 



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